Amazon’s Trade-in Program is Absolutely Awful…Sometimes

Posted by Todd 09/19/2019 1 Comment(s)


As of this very moment's market capitalization is $900B. And yes, that, “B” stands for billion. I’m sure that makes Jeff Bezos very happy. Sadly, it’s time to turn that smiley Amazon logo upside down for the rest of us because their trade-in program is abysmal. Actually, in contrast to the whole cheery theme of Amazon, it’s downright sad. How did I discover this? I received an email over the weekend telling me so.


It all started ordinary enough with an Amazon Prime Insider email blast when I noticed something decidedly out of the ordinary as I scrolled to the bottom of the email, Amazon Trade-In. I had no idea Amazon even had a trade-in program so it immediately piqued my interest. I wondered what hidden jewels I would find and how competitive the mighty Amazon, one of the richest companies in human history, would be in their offer prices. And then it hit me like a Mike Tyson upper-cut, the words “gift card”; erggghh…you’ve got to be friggin’ kidding me, I thought.



In my opinion, in the World of consumer electronic trade-in programs there is nothing more vulgar than the gift card offering. It’s like the virtual kiss of death when it comes to thinking you’re about to get a great deal. Nevertheless I continued on, I clicked the link and explored what Amazon would give me to trade-in my iPhone X. The results were actually better than I expected but still terrible. Sorry, I’m a pessimist.


Honestly, the thing is, I would have never even known Amazon’s offer for my iPhone was bad if I didn’t have a resource like to compare all the other online trade-in website offers. A quick check there told me Amazon wasn’t even in the ballpark for the highest prices paid for an iPhone X in like new condition. Furthermore, they weren’t offering me cash for my iPhone; it was an Amazon gift card. I know Amazon sells everything but I just can’t stand when my choices become limited on where I can spend my money and that’s exactly what gift cards do.

















Moreover, Amazon doesn’t just purchase your used iPhone so don’t fret, they’ll also offer you absurdly low prices on all your other consumer electronic devices as well; especially to buyback their own devices. Take for example, the Fire HD 8 with Alexa; the best you’re going to get is $10, but it could be as low as $5 depending on condition. Wow! There are coffee concoctions at Starbucks that will cost you more than Amazon is willing to pay for your not so old Fire tablet.



In short, the Amazon Trade-In Program will buy anything from a Nintendo Switch to a book, making it one of the most robust trade-in programs out there. With that being said, take a look around your home and see if there are any obscure electronics that no-one actually wants and see if Amazon will take them in trade for a credit on your Amazon account. But, my advice is, for the love of God, do NOT trade-in your iPhone to Amazon.

You can learn more about Amazon’s trade-in Program here

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10/01/2019, 12:01:10 PM

The absolute worst part of this program, that wasn't mentioned in your article making me wonder if you didn't realize it, is that you don't just get a gift card to buy whatever you want on Amazon. Oh no, it is ONLY towards your purchase of a new Fire tablet. That's it!! Like anyone wants a Fire tablet in the first place. This is a program Amazon should pull now and start all over with. It is horrible.

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