How to Get an iPhone 11 for Next to Nothing

Posted by Todd 09/03/2019 1 Comment(s)

Sure the idea of not paying anything for a brand new iPhone 11 seems a bit far fetched, but all things considered, it’s entirely feasible if you take the right approach. Like most people, especially Apple fans, you may have a few older devices lying around your house that don’t see much use anymore. Maybe you didn’t even know they were there until I just mentioned it. To illustrate, I handed down an iPhone 6 to my son a few years back only to recently discover it completely depleted of battery life in his underwear drawer. I also gave my daughter an iPad Air 2 over a year ago, which I had not seen it in quite some time, so when I inquired as to where it was she calmly told me the screen was cracked and hadn’t used it in months.


Fortunately, the iPhone and most other Apple devices, hold their value pretty well within the first year or two of ownership. This fact presents a unique opportunity to consistently upgrade your iPhone by utilizing the appropriate channels by which to sell your iPhone. I can tell you from experience the thing you most definitely do not want to do is “trade in” your iPhone to anyone like Apple, cellular carries such as Verizon or AT&T, or through any other means by which a “credit” for your device is given. These trade in values are generally at bottom of the barrel levels and usually do not translate directly into cash, but rather incremental discounts from your cell phone bill each month, etc.


Case in point, Samsung’s most recent promotion for their new Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. Although the offer sounds good, it requires you to finance the phone though Verizon, which means you are not getting the promised $600 credit towards the purchase of the new phone in cash, but rather monthly incremental credits towards your cell phone bill. As a result, you are locked into a contract with Verizon for a number of years and must buy your way out (pay off the entire value of the phone in full) to unlock your device.


With all that being said, let’s discuss how to get the iPhone 11 without spending a penny. Obviously, to make this work, you must be willing to sell an existing inventory of older devices like iPhones and iPads, be willing to sell the iPhone you are currently using, or both. Naturally, the first step in this process is knowing what your device is truly worth on the open market by using a resource like This website will not only inform you of who is willing to purchase your iPhone from you but it will also ensure you are getting the highest payout for your device in cold hard cash.


Once you know where you’re going to sell your iPhone and how much you’re going to get for it you can then use those funds towards the purchase of the newest iPhone, in this case, the iPhone 11. The key to this method is to purchase the iPhone outright / out of contract, which means it will be factory unlocked. A factory unlocked iPhone is free of being locked into any one carrier and can be used Worldwide, interchangeably on a multitude of cellular networks. These unlocked iPhones are inherently more valuable in the secondary market and often command premium prices.


To recap, if you follow these simple instructions below, I assure you each and every new iPhone you purchase will be a little to no money out of pocket expenditure:


1.) Search your home for older, no longer used devices such as iPhone 7, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Note, Google Pixel 2, etc

2.) Look HERE to check the value of your device and select the company which is willing to pay you the most for it

3.) Use the funds you receive from selling your older device(s) to purchase the latest model iPhone and make sure you buy iPhone unlocked moving forward to ensure maximum resale value in the future

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Very informative post, I'll use this as I begin the journey of selling my iPhone 11. Keep up the good work!

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