Is my Broken iPhone Worth Anything?

Posted by Todd 08/29/2019 0 Comment(s) iPhone,

Do you have an iPhone with a cracked screen you’ve been swiping your forefinger across for the last few months? Maybe you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S10 that is completely rendered useless from a demon child who’s thrown it to the floor in a fit of rage one too many times. Regardless of the device being a cracked iPhone XR or a completely broken Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you can sell it, and you can sell it for more money than you ever thought possible.


Despite many reports to the contrary, broken mobile phones still have value and there are many websites that buy cracked iPhones, broken Samsung Galaxy phones, and damaged Google Pixel phones. Granted the trade in value of an iPhone 7 Plus in new condition is far greater than the same device with a cracked screen, but that iPhone 7 Plus with a broken display is still worth more than you may think. So how do you know the value of a broken iPhone and who buys broken iPhones to begin with?


Many of the online cell phone trade-in websites buy broken iPhones. However, these sites tend to concentrate on the top three cell phone makes and models, which are Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel. It should also be noted that broken iPhone value reigns supreme over Samsung and Google model cell phones. With all that being said, who pays the most for broken phones? Luckily you’ll only have to visit one website to discover the answer.


BestPriceDevice aggregates data from all of the top online cell phone trade-in websites and delivers their offer prices for your cell phone in one clear picture. In just a quick glance you’ll discover who pays the most money for broken phones. Furthermore, your broken iPhone value is also presented in a way that enables you to see what your cell phone is worth in new, working, poor, or broken condition.

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