Why Gazelle is No Longer the Best Place to Sell iPhone

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If you were looking for the best place to sell your iPhone 10 years ago I would have whole heartedly recommended an up and coming website by the name of Gazelle, which at the time bought not only used iPhones, but many other used electronic devices as well. Unfortunately today, Gazelle is not even close to the best place to sell your iPhone or any other used phone and here’s why…




When Gazelle started out they were just a small fish in a big pond. Like every other start-up, no one knew they existed; they had even rented kiosk space at my local mall and handed out glossy flyers to drum up awareness. I’ll never forget it because there was nothing like it at the time. If you wanted to sell your used electronic devices you went to a peer-to-peer marketplace like Craigslist or eBay, not a stand-alone company. Especially not a company no one had ever heard of. But Gazelle had some money behind them and they made a big push when no one else was in this space and they succeeded.

Today, Gazelle is probably the largest most successful cell phone buyback company on the planet. And this is exactly why they’re just not that great anymore. On your way to  becoming the big fish you need to scale the business (no pun intended) to meet demand. Of course this is what every successful start-up must do and it almost always comes with growing pains the bigger they become.


A Victim of Their Own Success


In Gazelles case as they grew so did their expenses: more employees, bigger offices, re-investment in technology, more boxes with postage paid shipping labels to send out, etc. As a result, the prices they could offer for used devices starting getting lower and lower so they could retain their margins with all of the increased overhead. Furthermore, Gazelle’s success spawned an industry of clones and like Gazelle they needed to make a name for themselves. These competitors were far more nimble with little to no overhead which resulted in far better offer prices for your device compared to Gazelle. Rather than relinquish their standing as the most well known device trade in company, Gazelle seems to have opted to spend more heavily on advertising which must have also taken a bite out of their profits.

Where to Sell Phones


Naturally a lot has changed in the last ten years. There are now dozens of online trade in companies thirsty to buy your old phone resulting in fierce competition and sky high offer prices from some. As I mentioned earlier, Gazelle once made offers on  dozens of used consumer electronic devices but that list grew shorter and shorter each year they were in business as they learned the demands of the marketplace. Now the top devices on Gazelle and just about every other trade in website are Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and Samsung Galaxy.


Although Gazelle only focuses on buying phones and tablets, the competition has expanded into other mobile electronic devices such as Apple MacBook, Apple Watch, and Apple AirPods. Even though more and more online trade in websites are shifting into purchasing more used mobile electronic devices, phones still command this space by a wide margin. One thing is also abundantly clear, Apple products, such as the iPhone absolutely dominate demand for both trade in and secondary market sales. 


How to Find the Best Offer Price for your Phone


Unfortunately for the end consumer, the increased competition has made it a difficult and time consuming process to actually find the company who pays the most for your used phone. A simple Google search yields dozens of these companies who all claim to offer the most money so how do you really know which offer price is the highest?You could tirelessly search the Internet and jot down notes on which sites are paying the most and then hope those offer prices don’t change by the time you’ve actually narrowed it down to the highest offers. 


Or my favorite, read a blog article about “the best place to sell iPhone” that has links to all of the WORST places to sell iPhones. The reason being is the writer is just interested in earning an affiliate commission from those websites for directing you there to sell your phone. They don’t actually care which trade in site pays the most money. All they care about is sending you there so they can make money off of you. 


The truth is there is no single best place to sell your phone. To illustrate, say you have an iPhone X and an iPhone 7 Plus you want to sell. You will almost certainly find a single website willing to buy both devices from you. However, you may not get the best price for both phones from that same site. But how would you know that without looking at all of the websites out there that potentially buy used phones? The answer is you wouldn’t. You would potentially leave money on the table for convenience and that’s fine if there wasn’t already a solution to this problem.


Simply check where to sell phones for the guaranteed most amount of money HERE. BestPriceDevice is NOT affiliated with any cell phone trade in website and we do NOT earn any commissions from them. We are a 100% unbiased resource with the sole purpose of providing you information on who buys iPhones and other popular mobile devices for the most money; period.

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