How to Get the Most Money for your iPhone

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With the release date of the iPhone 11 quickly upon us some of you may be wondering how to sell your old iPhone for the most money. In case you were wondering- I’m in the same boat and I’ve lived in these waters for over a decade now. I’ve had every single iteration of the iPhone since the very first model, which at the time, I thought I paid quite handsomely for. However, by today’s standards, that price looks like an absolute steal. Nevertheless I’ve managed to curtail and sometimes even eliminate the cost of every single new iPhone I’ve purchased by selling my previous model iPhone. How did you accomplish such feats you ask? Well…it wasn’t always easy and below I will share an in depth account of my decades long experience in ensuring how to get to most money for your iPhone.


The Rudiments of iPhone Resale:



Selling your iPhone on Craigslist:


In the beginning I always listed my iPhone for sale on Craigslist as the starting point since, well you know, it was free and I obviously wanted to maximize the value I got for the phone. The problem with Craigslist is nothing is ever truly free. Craigslist has scammers, safety concerns, and a whole slew of other annoyances that I’m sure you’re all far too familiar with so I won’t bore you with all of those other details. The gist is Craigslist got the job done in the beginning but at a cost other than money.


Selling your iPhone on eBay:


Around the time of the iPhone 3GS eBay was one of the darlings of the Internet and people all over the World were selling on eBay with great success and selling iPhones on eBay was no exception. eBay provided a more secure marketplace than Craigslist, you didn’t have to meet anyone face-to-face, and you got paid pretty quickly for your device through PayPal. This was the first instance of what I would refer to as the trifecta of iPhone resale or selling anything for that matter. Again, the three key things you should look for when selling an iPhone online are the following:


1.) A secure online marketplace with verified users


2.) NO face-to-face transactions


3.) Quick payment through an electronic payment system such as PayPal


eBay eventually began to falter, however, in one uncompromising category- price. The fees to sell an iPhone on eBay became quite substantial. Up until around the time of the iPhone 6 eBay charged a nominal straight listing fee and a small percentage of the final sale price. This structure changed dramatically however, after the launch of the iPhone 8. At this time eBay began to charge tiered listing prices depending on what the item was and a huge percentage of the final sale price, which simply made it less compelling to sell on eBay despite all their other advantages.


Modern Day iPhone Resale:


Selling your iPhone on Gazelle was the first player to change the game of how iPhone resale was done. Prior to Gazelle, Craigslist and eBay all but dominated the resale of iPhones and all other phones for that matter, but Gazelle brought one HUGE differentiator to their business model- they bought your phone directly and they bought it in almost any condition. They also demonstrated the three key attributes of selling an iPhone online which I mentioned above.


Gazelle was not a peer-to-peer sales model. The company itself bought your iPhone, which simplified the process tremendously because: one, you didn’t have to wait for someone to purchase your phone like with eBay auctions. Two, you knew exactly the price you were getting for your phone from the onset. Three, they paid you electronically within days of sending your phone to them. Four, there were no fees whatsoever and, five, they even mailed you a box with pre-paid postage for you to send them your phone in.


Naturally, as with any great idea, this business model was soon copied and today there are dozens of Gazelles out there which has both benefited the iPhone resale market in terms of increased competition and higher prices for your used iPhone and hurt it in terms of the seller constantly having to check a multitude of these types of websites to see who is paying the highest price for iPhones.


The Next Evolution of iPhone Resale:


Have you ever heard the saying: “time is money”? Well…it is, which is why is ushering in the next evolution of iPhone resale as the World’s first and only website that searches all of the top online cell phone buyback websites for the best place to sell your iPhone for the most money. As the name implies, will comb the Internet for the best price for your used devices including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Phones, Google Pixel Phones, iPads, Apple Watches, and MacBooks. Eventually the company will also help you find the best place to purchase these used devices for the absolute lowest prices. Click the link below to give it a try and see who’s paying the highest prices for all your used devices.

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